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Security commanders release ISIS inmates in return for money-MP

Security commanders release ISIS terrorists inmates for $30,000-MP

Iraqi MP Ahmed Al Garya accused Tuesday several security commanders of releasing ISIS terrorist inmates in Mosul in exchange for money.


According to him, they receive $ 30,000 for each ISIS recruit they release.

He warned that the corrupt military commanders could lead to the resurgence a new terrorist group more dangerous than ISIS.

Al Garya pointed out that ISIS terrorists, who have been released, came back to their strongholds in Mosul as there are several of them still entrenched in the Old City of Mosul.

Theses ISIS terrorists are committing heinous crimes against the civilians and the security forces, he confirmed, adding this could be a threat to the city.

Earlier last month, Iraqi prime minister Haider al-Abadi declared the utter fall and collapse of ISIS in Mosul. The battle to retake Mosul began last October, with coordinated attacks by Kurdish Peshmerga from the east and Iraqi army units pushing up from the south.

Last Modified: Tuesday، 01 August 2017 10:34 AM