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ISIS threatens to attack Iran, state sponsor of terrorism

The boy who was featured in ISIS video

ISIS has posted a video featuring a boy speaking in fluent Persian and is explicitly threatening to launch attacks on Iran, The Daily Beast reported.

This is considered a precedent as it reveals ISIS will turn its guns and propaganda machine on Iran, the state sponsor of terrorism. 


The young boy, not even a teenager, spoke to the camera as he stands on a battlefield while dressed in military uniform and brandishing a knife.


But what makes the video almost unique is its language. The boy speaks in fluent Persian and is explicitly addressing the inhabitants of Iran, especially its majority Shia population. While Persian propaganda used to be somewhat of a rarity for ISIS, it has recently become more common.


In the video, the boy addressed “all those who take part in and cooperate with the war against ISIS” and issued an explicit threat to Iran: “We will destroy your land and your home, we will disrupt your security and we will shed your blood.”


ISIS’s propaganda has long been multilingual. From glossy magazines in English and French to videos in Hebrew and songs in Chinese, it has sought to globalize its outreach.


But it is only recently that it has seriously turned to Persian, the official tongue in three Muslim-majority countries (Afghanistan and Tajikistan in addition to Iran). Apparently it is trying to increase recruitment in Iran and target Iranian territory.


Less than two months ago, on June 7, a group of Iranian recruits staged attacks on the Iranian parliament and the shrine of the founder of Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini. 


Twenty-three people died, including the five attackers themselves. ISIS  claimed responsibility for the attacks. 


Last Modified: Thursday، 27 July 2017 01:38 PM