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Fate of foreign ISIS terrorists in Iraqi prisons

131 foregin terrorists, women, kids arrested in Iraq's Kazimia prison

Iraqi Defense Ministry announced that authorities put 87 ISIS male terrorists from 17 different nationalities in jails in Baghdad Governorate. The authorities also arrested 14 foreign women, affiliated with ISIS.

Some of these inmates are German, French, British, and Chechens, an official said, adding that others are from Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Malaysia and other Arab countries, an official at the ministry said.


He added that the terrorists who are from Iraq managed to flee while displaced people were escaping the war but the Arab and foreign people were arrested as they have distinctive appearance and accent.


Disputes over foreign inmates' destiny

A number of western countries urged Baghdad, through Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to meet detainees from these countries and also to participate in the interrogations process. Iraq agreed to let the diplomats of some countries meet the inmates, the official further said.


The official confirmed that the idea of handing over these terrorists to their countries is not on the table, adding that those terrorists have killed Iraqi people and must be punished if they were convicted over these crimes. 


Earlier, Iraqi MP Hakim al-Zamili announced that Baghdad will not hand over the prisoners to their countries, adding that they will be tried in Iraq. He confirmed that Iraqi Parliament must agree on the handing over if the government decided to consider the issue and hand the prisoners over to their countries of origin. 



Interrogations at Kazimia prison

US troops and Iraqi officers are interrogating ISIS terrorists at Kazimia prison in northern Baghdad to identify the exact place where the ISIS leader Abo Bakr Al Baghdadi and other ISIS leaders are hiding right now.


The interrogations are not fruitful as the inmates keep lying, unlike ISIS terrorists' wives who had told the authorities several issues which are considered top secrets about ISIS.


There are grave violations and abuses committed by Iraqi authorities against the inmates in Iraqi prisons. The authorities are torturing the prisons to get more information from them. Some of these prisoners have died from torture.


A number of international NGOs pointed out at violations in Iraqi prisons. Human Rights Watch asserted that over the past three years, more than 9,000 have been sent to jail on ISIS-related charges in which most of them were seized without any proper justification.


Last Modified: Thursday، 27 July 2017 12:11 PM