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Bombings rock Tal Afar after targeting ISIS weapons' depots

Tal Afar bombings

A string of explosions have rocked Tal Afar's western districts after jets targeted depots of weaponry of ISIS terrorists, a local source in Nineveh said Saturday.

An air bombardment has targeted an ISIS position which later appeared to be a depot for C4 explosive material used by the terror group in manufacturing explosive devices, belts and vehicles, he told reporters.

The source, who asked to remain anonymous, said the losses of the terror group due to these explosions are not known, but some nearby buildings collapsed.

He also revealed the terror group sets up secret workshops in the districts to manufacture C4 explosive material, which is considered a key component for explosives within the terror group.

ISIS terrorists are still controlling Tal Afar in western Mosul. The terror group has been expelled from most of areas in once controlled in Nineveh.