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Iran 'flooding Iraq with drugs', insiders say

Iranian drugs in Iraq
Iran is preparing satanic plans to control the region. And the regime there uses every which way to destroy the Arab world. 

Commentators say Iran cannot control the Arab world dependig on military means only."The regime in Iran is aware of the fact Arabs should be subdued for its vicious project to come to light."

They say Iran is using its militias deployed in several Arab countries to promote drugs. "Some of these militias are the main locomotive for Iran's drug deals regionally and internationally."

Iran is seeking to destroy the Arab youth, as they are one of the main pillars of the nation's strength. So it resorts to intensive activities to flood the region with drugs.

"Iran is seeking to steal our youth. It aims to deprive the Arab countries of all pillars of strength," experts noted.

Militias and drugs

The Lebanon-based Hezbollah terror militia and the Iran Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Quds Force are two major militias assigned with promoting and distributing drugs across the Arab region.

The Italian judiciary has pointed out that the Quds Force, which is responsible for carrying out the IRGC operations beyond borders, runs drug smuggling networks and is deployed in Europe through organized gangs. 

The authorities in Rome dismantled a network of nine members of Iraqi militias led by a well-known officer in the Quds Force.

The London-based opposition Persian-speaking paper of Kayhan posted information released by assistant prosecutor working on the case, during which he said that the Italian authorities held a nine-member IRGC gang.

The ringleader of this gang is named Said. He is a clothes dealer. And he is one of IMIS terror militia's leaders, according to the paper's report.

He was on the mission of drug trafficking to and from Italy and elsewhere in Europe.

Zahedan is a conduit for the smuggling of drugs from Afghanistan grown poppy plant, which is the basic material for some classes of drugs. 

The years-long investigations confirmed that the gang is bringing drugs from Iran to Iraq. Then they are smuggled to Turkey, and then to Italy via trucks by sea, where it finally reaches the Italian port of Trieste and then is distributed to various European countries.

The paper, citing prosecution revelations, also asserted that all the nine members of the gang are linked to Iraq's IMIS. Yet Hezbollah is smuggling drugs, for the interest of the IRGC, to some Latin American countries, particularly Argentina and Brazil.


Hezbollah militia has always been repeating it is fully supported by Iran. And insiders say the militia did so to deny accusations it is involved in drug trafficking to Latin America. 

A member of the US Congress's Financial Committee has announced that 30% of the income of Hezbollah comes through production, smuggling and trafficking of drug, which is often supplied by the IRGC.

Iranian security forces transfer these drugs to Lebanon by air, sea or land and handed them over to Hezbollah concerned officials to be smuggled to Latin America through Europe.

In December 2011, US prosecutors filed a lawsuit against US and Lebanese institutions accusing them of involvement in an international laundering network run by Hezbollah drug trafficking cadres in Latin America.

"The spiritual leader of Hezbollah has stated that the drug trade is ethically acceptable if sold to Western heretics as part of the war against the enemies of Islam," said a confidential FBI report released in November 2008.

In 2014, a Brazilian newspaper spoke about close ties between Hezbollah and the Primera Comando Capital (PCC) gang, based on police investigations. The newspaper said the relations began since 2006 in the form of mutual cooperation in illegal trade activities, including drug trafficking.

Also, US diplomatic cables leaked by WikiLeaks in 2014 confirmed that Iran is one of the world's biggest drug traffickers and one of the world's largest producers of heroin, and that senior IRGC officials are primarily responsible for the smuggling.

Speaking to the Baghdad Post, multiple commentators affirmed Iran is the main responsible for spreading drugs in Iraq. 

They cited reports by the Iraqi National Anti-Drug Commission that Iran is the main source of white toxin export to Iraq, Jordan and Syria.

Iran destroyed Iraq not only by terror militias, but with drugs as well, they noted, citing remarks made by Diyala governor where he said 90 percent of the drugs in the province come from Iran. 

"They are spreading drugs everywhere at low prices. And consumption doubles year after year" They stated.