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Iran executes 10-year-old child on drug charges in Sunni Baluchistan

Capital punishment in Iran
Mullah regime has executed four Baluchi Sunni civilians, including a child, in Zahedan and Zabol cities in Baluchistan province, a report by a human rights organization revealed on Sunday. 

The child, who has been arrested by the Iranian forces while accompanying another man was allegedly accused of drug trafficking, is only 10 years old. 

Iran Human Rights, said in its report that the accused, were executed on Friday in the infamous Zahedan prison in Baluchistan province, mostly populated by Sunnis, located in eastern Iran.   

Families of those who have been executed have criticized the bad treatment their relatives received.

The prison authorities left the bodies of those who have been executed on the floor of the prison yard without covering for a whole day in temperatures exceeding 50 C.   

Residents of Baluchistan province live in abject poverty and they are deliberately discriminated against by the Iranian regime.   

It has been a bumper year for capital punishment in Iran as an execution is carried out every four hours. 

On Thursday, Iran Human Rights announced that in the past twelve days 56 executions were carried out in Iran. 

It noted that 31 of the 56 prisoners were reportedly hanged on alleged drug related charges. Only seven of the 56 executions were reported by official Iranian sources, including the judiciary and state-run media. 

The organization considers the volume of executions in Iran inhumane and calls for their immediate halt. 
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