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Kurdistan referendum is negotiation tactic to pressure Baghdad

Kurdistan representative in Tehran Nazem al-Dabagh

Kurdistan representative in Tehran Nazem al-Dabagh revealed on Sunday that Kurdistan independence referendum is considered to be a pressure tactic against Baghdad's central government.

In a press statement, Dabagh asserted that this tactic is used to pressure Baghdad to fulfill their promises in energy and power sharing promises.

Dabagh added that Kurds prefer to stay in Iraq, despite the referendum.

"We will carry out the referendum to solve our problems in Iraq, until now we have no intentions to secede," he further added.

"We don't feel that Iraqis are accepting us, so we seize diplomatic, parliamentary and popular opportunities," Dabagh said.

If Baghdad's central government is not willing to solve our problems, then our people will make this sacrifice, Dabagh revealed.

He also accused the central government of not fulfilling its promises in 2005 constitution to solve Kirkuk governemnt's – which is located between Iraq and Kurdistan- status.

He also expressed his concerns from attacks from IMIS terrorists and the Iraqi Army against Kurdistan region.