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20 bodies found dead in sectarian violence in Baghdad

Baghdad violence
A joint patrol has found two unidentified bodies jettisoned in a public square in Baghdad, an officer at the ministry of interior declared Friday.

There were Traces of gunshots in the head and neck, the officer said, adding another corpse was found thrown away on a pavement in the city.

This body was shot in the head from a close range, according to the officer.

The corpses were taken to forensic medicine headquarters in central Baghdad.

He revealed over 20 bodies were found in the city over the past three days, including the districts of al-Zafarani, al-Kamalya and Rashid Camp.

Haider Hamid, a clerk at the forensic medicine department, said identified bodies are sent on a daily basis by the police patrols.

The police find these bodies mostly in the northern and eastern parts of Baghdad, he added.

Most of these bodies come with traces of gunshots in the head and neck as they are shot from a close range.