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After Mosul, what is next destination for ISIS?

ISIS terrorists
After the Iraqi government declared on Monday the utter defeat of ISIS terrorists in Mosul, many questions are raised on the fate of the group and its next destination.

Reports revealed that ISIS terrorists are hiding amid displaced persons in Mosul. And others suggested that the terrorists fled Iraq through a network of tunnels they dug to serve their self-proclaimed caliphate of terror.

Tallies show that there were 7,000 terrorists inside Mosul, and twofold of this number in the vicinity of the city.
These figures were confirmed by the former speaker of the Iraqi parliament Osama al-Nujaifi.

Observers spoke of foreign fighters in the ranks of the terror group, saying they are likely to return home, which increases the possibility that those recruits will turn into lone wolves.

They will carry out sporadic terror attack and claim lives of innocent people, they added. 

Others say that it is likelier that ISIS terrorists will move to the desert in case of being defeated in Raqqa.
According to those experts, the terrorists will move to more volatile countries gripped by infighting. 

ISIS recruits may move to Afghanistan or Libya to revive their doomed caliphate, they explained. 

Egypt also may be the coming destination for the terrorists, strategists said, citing the acts of terror committed by the group's offshoot in Sinai. The terror group is also active on the western desert in Egypt.

The post-ISIS era requires caution and vigilance, insiders said, reiterating that all scenarios are within the realm of possibility when it comes to the future movements of the terror group.

Authorities of the countries where ISIS foreign terrorist came should closely watch those recruits after they return. Those recruits may carry out terror attacks at unexpected events, times and occasions. Commentators say the countries where ISIS terrorists will move are in peril. 
Last Modified: Wednesday، 12 July 2017 05:58 PM