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Iran cuts off al-Wand River's estuary again in Diyala'a Khanaqin

Alwand River
Iran has cut off water from estuaries of the al-Wand River flowing from its territory into Khanaqin neighborhood in Diyala Governorate in Iraq, al-Wand River Dam Department in Khanaqin has announced.

Ahmed Wasseen, chairman of al-Wand River Dam Department, said that Iran's move limited water quantity in the al-Wand River, noting that Khanaqin is the most affected neighborhood as the river is its only source of water in the area.  

Top officials in the government and authorities in Diyala have been informed to take actions and hold talks with the Iranian regime to solve the problem, Wasseen stated.

He added that Iran annually cuts off water of Alwand River estuary into Kanaqin neighborhood when temperatures are high.  

Cutting off water has affected cultivation in the neighborhood as 75% of agricultural lands mainly depend on the river's water, Kamran Abdullah, chairman of Khanaqin Agriculture Department, said.  

This comes few days after Iran has cut off most of Little Zab River's estuaries in the Kurdistan Region. 

Policies that Iran follows by cutting off the water of Little Zab river raised the rate of desertification by 70 % in southern and central governorates in Iraq, Kazim Al Lami, the deputy director of the division of environmental disaster management in Iraqi Ministry of Health and Environment, said. 
Last Modified: Sunday، 09 July 2017 12:29 PM