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Iraq FM says following up with tribal chief murder in Iran

Neama al-Issawy
Iraqi Foreign ministry announced Friday it was following up with the murder of an Iraqi tribal chief in Iran, The Baghdad Post reported Friday.

An anonymous gang in Iranian city of Mashhad has looted and killed Sheikh Neama al-Issawy, chief of Al-Issa Tribe in Karbala, Head of Tribes Committee in the Iraqi parliament, Aboud al-Issawy said in a statement.

After killing him, they torched his body and threw it in a valley, al-Issawy added.

The victim's sons confirmed in televised remarks their father had traveled to Mashhad for treatment.

Videos and photos of the crime went viral on social media. 

The crime took place three months ago.

The killers were supposedly helping the victim with the Persian language.  

His sons said the victim used to host the killers, who used to visit Karbala for religious reasons, for nine years.


They added the Iranian government had delayed the hand over of his body for three months. 

The Iranian authorities had not yet put the killers on trial. 

Tribes in Karbala vowed they would avenge al-Issawy's  murder. 

Al-Issawy slammed Iraqi government's little attention towards the crime, adding the Iranian attempt to conceal the traces of the crime had disturbed the tribes in Karbala. 

He asserted contacts were made with Iraqi consul in Mashhad and Iranian consul in Najaf, but "no positive results had been attained".

Al-Issawy further called upon Iraqi foreign ministry to intervene to get the rights of the murdered citizen and put the criminals on trial.   
Last Modified: Friday، 07 July 2017 06:18 PM