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Iraq's Ja'afary fails to release 2 Iran-backed terrorists in Austria

Ibrahim al-Ja'afary
Iraqi Foreign minister Ibrahim al-Ja'fari returned to Baghdad on Wednesday after a short visit to Vienna during which he sought to release two IMIS terrorists detained in Austria.

Austrian authorities detained the IMIS terrorists on terrorism-related charges based on a report by a German security expert, Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmad Jamal said. 

In a statement, Gamal said "because the issue now takes a political direction away from the judicial track with some international bodies seeking to criminalize IMIS in various ways, al-Ja'fary's visit seeks to find a solution to maintain and strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries".

Ahmed Jamal noted that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had already appointed a lawyer to defend them.

He added a number of memos were sent and official delegations visited Austria to end the crisis.

Spokesman for the Iran-backed terror group, Ahmed al-Assady has hailed al-Ja'fari's intervention to release IMIS militants.