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IMIS spokesman lauds Iran's intervention in Iraq

IMIS spokesman lauds Iran's intervention in Iraq

Spokesman for IMIS Karim al-Nouri hailed Iran and the commander of the Quds Force General Qassem Soleimani for their role in Iraq. 

In an interview with Iranian Mehr News Agency, Nouri added that Iraqi troops in Iraq have had a huge impact on the fight against ISIS.

Nouri said Soleimani's occasional presence on the frontline was causing a wave of panic and fear among ISIS terrorists and leading to Iraqi victories. 

 IMIS have helped re-establish security in Iraq and prevent Mosul's break-up along ethnic lines, Nouri said.  

 Nouri said all of the liberated areas will be under the control of the Iraqi government like before ISIS terrorist attack, adding there will be no change in the demographic make-up of the city, which has an array of Turkmen, Arab and Kurdish communities.

 "This is our red line and we will not retreat from it in any way," the spokesman said as he dismissed claims by Iraqi Kurdish leaders to parts of the city.

 ISIS is working in line with US national security interests, he claimed, adding that the international coalition sometimes even helps the group.

 "The Americans are not reliable. US leaders, for the sake of their public opinion, claim to be fighting terrorism but in practice this is not the case," he insisted.