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ISIS' legacy in Iraq: Over 360 destroyed historical sites in Nineveh

ISIS destroys Iraqi historic landmarks
Over 360 historical archaeological sites were destroyed by sites terrorists since their occupation to Nineveh government in 2014, Nineveh Archaeology Directorate revealed on Sunday.

In a press statement, the directorate chief Hazem al-Shimari said that ISIS terrorists deliberately vandalized historical sites to cover up their monuments smuggling activities.

He added that the group destroyed over 300 historical mosques, prophets' tombs.

Assessing the damages wouldn't be done unless stability is restored in the governorate.

He urged the Iraqi governorate to allocate more resources to rebuild and renovate these sites.

ISIS terrorists used to film their crimes against humanity, as they systematically attempted to erase Iraq's history by demolishing ancient monuments and museums in their former held-territories in Iraq.
Last Modified: Sunday، 02 July 2017 09:55 PM