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Iraqi forces launch hunt for ISIS remnants in Mosul

Iraqi forces
Iraqi forces are tightening the noose around ISIS terrorists in Mosul's Old City.

Dozens of civilians fled the war-shattered area, which is considered the latest toehold of ISIS in Mosul.

The terrorists opened fire on civilians, who were exhausted and thirsty. 

Counter Terror Service (CTS) said the coming battles with the terror group will be costly, saying the remaining recruits are mostly foreigners, and they will fight until the last breath.

CTS added those terrorists are taking civilians as human shields. 

Recapturing ISIS stronghold overlooking Tigris River, where over 200 terrorists are deployed for defense, will take four or five days, Maan al-Saadi, a senior general within the CTS, said.

Continued push towards al-Maidan district and controlling it brings the security forces closer to Tigris River, which will partition Old City of Mosul into two northern and southern parts, he added.

Also, a security source said that the iraqi forces are encircling ISIS terrorists at the medical complex of al-Shifaa neighborhood. 

The forces retook two buildings of the complex.