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6 killed, injured in clashes between police, protesters in Najaf

Protesters set fire to tires

One person has been killed and five others injured, including a police officer, when clashes erupted between police and protesters in Najaf Governorate due to power outages, a security source revealed on Friday.

The source said that angry protesters staged demonstrations in many districts in Najaf to protest poor electricity service and recurrent power outages.  

In press statements, Colonel Montather al-Ghalibi, noted that a group of young men set fire to car tires in front of the electricity maintenance center. 

A number of protesters wanted to storm al-Ilam residential complex, belonging to Hawza Iilmiyya's, headed by Shiite cleric Ali al-Sistani, he stated. 

He added that the protesters threatened to block the streets and turn the protests into set-ins.

Iraq's governorates see lack of power supply and poor services.  

Last Modified: Friday، 30 June 2017 10:19 AM