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Hakim calls for Iraqi-Saudi-Iranian-Turkish dialogue

Hakim calls for Iraqi-Saudi-Iranian-Turkish dialogue

National Alliance leader Ammar al-Hakim reiterated his call to organize an Iraqi-Saudi-Iranian-Turkish dialogue although Iraq had officially announced that it will not mediate in the Gulf crisis.

This came during Hakim's speech after Eid al-Fitr morning prayers and within his efforts to support Iran and its schemes in the region.

Hakim also called for ending militarizing society phenomenon and to move the military bases away from the cities.

Concerning Basra Governor Majid al-Nasrawi scandal, Hakim said his party will defend the governor before the Integrity Commission.

Earlier, Nasrawi was sacked from his post after his failure to control the situations in the governorate as well as the failure to control the tribes fighting and resolve their disputes.  

As Iraqi security forces are busy recapturing Mosul city from ISIS, security uncertainty has prevailed in Iraqi governorates including Basra in which several crimes, kidnappings and terrorism operations were reported.