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Suicide attack foiled in Babel's Musayyib

Iraqi security forces' alertness
A police officer has foiled a suicide attack in al-Musayyib district, located in Babel Governorate, a security source revealed on Monday. 

In a press statement, the source said that a suicide bomber wearing an explosive belt attempted to target one of the Hussainiats in al-Musayyib district.

But a police officer hugged the suicide bomber in a bid to prevent him from entering the Hussainiat to blow himself up, he noted, adding that this resulted in killing the police officer.   

Babel governorate and its capital Hilla are relatively stable. However, some of the governorate's districts see terrorist attacks targeting both civilians and security forces. 

The Iraqi cities are witnessing a state of insecurity and chaos as terror attacks target civilians.

Terrorist groups like ISIS, IMIS and others are targeting those cities by booby-trapped cars and suicide bombs, exacerbating the country's state of insecurity. 

Last Modified: Monday، 26 June 2017 10:28 AM