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Death toll rises to 9 in suicide bomber attack in western Iraq

A file photo of a suicide bomber attack
Death toll of an attack by an ISIS suicide bomber, who blew himself up in al-Baghdadi neighborhood, located in western Iraq, has risen, as nine people were killed, including five children, and 11 others were injured.  

Four suicide bombers have infiltrated into al-Baghdadi neighborhood, a captain in Hiit neighborhood police in Anbar Governorate said on Friday.  

He noted that an army unit has besieged three suicide bombers in a building under construction near al-Shuhada district in al-Baghdadi neighborhood in western Anbar and killed them all

He added that the fourth suicide bomber was hiding and blew himself up, killing and injuring 20 people.  

The Iraqi forces have recaptured many cities and governorates that were held by ISIS, but the terrorist group is still controlling the desert and cities located near the Syrian border.

The terrorist group also have hideouts and positions it uses to launch offensives on the Iraqi security forces. 

Last Modified: Friday، 23 June 2017 03:01 PM