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US judge stops deportation of 100 Iraqis

Iraqis in the US
A US judge on Thursday temporarily blocked the deportation of about 100 Iraqi nationals rounded up in Michigan state in recent weeks, according to Reuters on Friday. 

Those who have been arrested argued that they could face persecution or torture in Iraq because they are religious minorities. 

US District Judge Mark Goldsmith in Michigan issued an order staying the deportation of the Iraqis for at least two weeks as he decides whether he has jurisdiction over the matter. 

Goldsmith said it was unclear whether the Iraqis would ultimately succeed.

The arrests shocked the close-knit Iraqi community in Michigan. Six Michigan lawmakers in the US House of Representatives urged the government to hold off on the removals until Congress can be given assurances about the deportees' safety.

The Michigan arrests were part of a coordinated sweep in recent weeks by immigration authorities who detained about 199 Iraqi immigrants around the country. They had final deportation orders and convictions for serious crimes.

The roundup followed Iraq's agreement to accept deportees as part of a deal that removed the country from President Donald Trump's revised temporary travel ban.

Some of those affected came to the United States as children and committed their crimes decades ago.

However, they had been allowed to stay because Iraq previously declined to issue travel documents for them. That changed after the two governments came to the agreement in March.
Last Modified: Friday، 23 June 2017 02:41 PM