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Barzani to hold negotiations with Baghdad on Kurdistan referendum

Masoud Barzani
Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani has announced future negotiations with the federal government and concerned parties after holding the region's referendum on independence, a statement revealed on Sunday.   

The statement issued by Kurdistan Region Presidency, Barzani said that the referendum is a right of Kurdistan people, adding that during the negotiations, issues between the central government and the region will be addressed.   

The required actions will be taken in the coming days to enhance the unity already achieved between the Kurdish parties to guarantee the Kurdish people's right to self-determination, he added.

This comes as Shakhwan Abdullah, Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) MP, suggested on Saturday tackling the issue of independence referendum's opponents, saving and archiving their statements so that they stand trial for spying and subordination.    

The Kurdistan Region would hold a referendum on September 25 that would also include "the Kurdish areas outside the region's administration", a term Erbil uses for the disputed areas that are claimed both by Baghdad and Erbil. It is to be followed by parliamentary and presidential elections on November 6.
Last Modified: Sunday، 18 June 2017 11:29 AM