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Shiite cleric confirms IMIS includes Iranian soldiers

Iran supports Shiite militias
Leader of the National Alliance Ammar al-Hakim on Tuesday confirmed that Iranian soldiers are part of the Shiite Militia fighting in Iraq and Syria known as (IMIS).

"Iranian advisers who participated in the battles were better than the others", Hakim said in a speech marking the third anniversary of the militia, hailing their role in fighting ISIS terrorists.

He warned of ISIS sleeper cells as Mosul city are about to spell the end of the terrorist group.

On February the 19th, the US-backed Iraqi forces launched a military operation to liberate Mosul's right bank from ISIS terrorists.

Mosul felt to ISIS in 2014.

Experts estimate little number of ISIS terrorists exist in the Old City their last major stronghold.    

Last Modified: Tuesday، 13 June 2017 03:44 PM