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Kurdish blocs to boycott independence referendum

Kurdistan Region seeks to hold independence referendum
The Change (Gorran) Movement and Kurdistan Islamic Movement announced on Monday boycotting Kurdistan Region's referendum on independence.

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, the ally of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, has held a meeting to reconsider its stance concerning the referendum, which most its leaders object to it.  

In a press statement, the Change Movement said that the referendum, backed by the Kurdistan Democratic Party and parties supporting it, is illegal and has been used as a pretext to postpone the region's general elections.    

In the meantime, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan has announced holding  a leadership council meeting on Thursday to discuss the region's current situation, the independence referendum and the upcoming parliamentary elections. 

In a press statement, Adnan Othman, activist in the Change Movement, said that if the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan's political bureau members agreed on participating in the referendum and the Change Movement did not, this means the political agreement signed between the two parties shall be void.   

The European Union has stressed that the interests of the Iraqi people require that they remain in a unified Iraq, expressing reservations and caution about setting a date for the referendum on the independence of the Kurdistan Region.

Kurdistan Regional Government  has announced recently that it would vote on September 25 on whether to split from the rest of Iraq and form an independent nation.

Last Modified: Tuesday، 13 June 2017 11:53 AM