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Grave violations committed against inmates in Iraqi prisons - MP

one of Iraq's prisons

There are grave violations and abuses committed against inmates in Iraqi prisons, particularly in "al-Adala Prison", Justice Prison, Shereen Reda, a member of the parliamentary human rights' committee said on Friday. 

In a statement, Reda said that one of the human rights' violations that take place in Iraqi prisons is that cells are overcrowded as inmates can be mustered in one cell.     

Visits to the prisons have exposed violations against prisoners that do not suit the new Iraq and its democratic system, respecting human rights, she noted.    

Reda also criticized the Federal Justice Ministry, wondering why Justice Minister Haidar al-Zamili  does not conduct field visits to these prisons.

Moreover, she stated that prisons are one of justice minister's responsibilities and he has to be aware of violations committed inside them.    

The member of the parliamentary human rights' committee said that she has submitted a number of reports that confirm these violations to the minister, demanding a quick action to be taken to stop them. 

According to Human Rights Watch, over the past three years, more than 9,000 have been sent to jail on ISIS-related charges.
Last Modified: Friday، 09 June 2017 01:49 PM