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IMIS offshoot in Syria: A new devil on the way

Iran terror militias
Syrian opposition figures warned of letting Iran established another IMIS-style militia, which commits terror acts in Iraq, in Syria.

This militia will be 'the plague of sectarianism, which will completely dash hopes for finding a solution to the inferno of Syria, they added. Yet they pointed to the success of the sectarian model in Iraq on account of the plots of the Iran-backed IMIS.

Terror militias in Iraq committed genocides and razed whole villages and towns to the ground, the revolutionaries said.

Yet they cited the demographic change that those militias are carrying out in the areas populated by the Sunnis, exploiting the deteriorating security status in the country fighting a daunting war against ISIS.

This new militia in Syria will turn the current war, waged on political grounds, into an utterly sectarian conflict they added, noting things will go out of control if this militia is established.

Those terrorists will be loyal to Iran and the ruthless regime in Syria, the figures stated, adding those militias will be used by Syria regime to partition the country.

Blood will be spilled everywhere by these militias.

Proxy wars

Syrian politicians told the Baghdad Post that Iran is seeking to gain a permanent foothold on the Syrian soil through sponsoring a terror militia that mimics Iraq's IMIS.

As it considered occupying Iraq a project of foremost priority, the same scenario will transpire in Syria, commentators said, adding it will turn out to be normal as the time goes by.

Others renewed warnings of reproducing of terror militias in Syria, as it is the case in Iraq, calling on Russia to pressure Assad not to press on with this move.

Iran is establishing a countless number of militias in many Arab spots to fight its deadly wars.
This is the real conspiracy against Arabs, they argued.

The National Coalition for the Revolutionary Forces and the Syrian opposition, accused Iran of «seeking to form a new IMIS Syria, mimicking its sister militia in Iraq, "and pointed out that Iran" is trying to change make those militias legitimate forces in Syria.

To the Mediterranean 

Intelligence sources told the Baghdad Post that Iran had deployed a number of militias including Palestinian militias to the western areas especially in Deir ez-Zor northeast of the Syrian capital Damascus.

The militias aim to open the way for Iran's road towards the Mediterranean Sea to implement its Shiite straight road plot. 

The Guardian said in a report that Iran has changed the course of a land corridor that it aims to carve to the Mediterranean coast. The new corridor has been moved 140 miles south to avoid a buildup of US forces that has been assembled to fight ISIS.

Military and strategic experts told the Baghdad Post that world powers should not ignore Iran's plots that aim to establish a Shiite corridor from Tehran to Damascus and through Syria and Jordan to reach the Mediterranean Sea, adding that Tehran had plotted for this road for more than three decades.

Red herring

Yasser al-Farhan, a member of the political body in National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, that Iran wants to ensure the continuation of its influence in Syria, pointing out that the news of Syria's IMIS is to cover up the acts of the IRGC terror militias heavily deployed in Syria.

Iran is still dreaming of linking Tehran to Damascus through Baghdad and reaching the Mediterranean, he stated. 

He also stressed the importance of rejecting the presence of all militias regardless of affiliations.

Activists said national defense personnel in Syria's Qameshli are carrying banners of 'Syria Popular Mobilization.

They said the militia's core personnel are from pro-regime supporters.

According to the activists, a lunatic fringe in this area named Hawas al-Khalif has been appointed commander of the militia.

New training camps have been set up for the newborn militia. And the new commander issued a pardon for those broke away from the ranks of the regime forces.

But he conditioned that those renegades come and train in the new militia's camps and fight arm in arm with it on the frontline.

Military experts revealed the new IMIS will be made up of 10,000 militiamen. And commentators said iran failure is the main drive behind establishing those terror militia.

If Iran came out victorious from the war in Syria, it would be in no need of creating new militias, they concluded.