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Consensus reached to postpone provincial councils' election – MP

Iraqi provincial councils' election

A political consensus has been reached to merge parliamentary and provincial councils' elections and hold both next year, an Iraqi MP revealed on Wednesday. 

In a statement, Ali Al-Alaq, National Iraqi Alliance MP, said that political blocs believe that postponing provincial councils' election to next year and merging it with the parliamentary one is essential.

The majority of political parties do not support holding provincial councils' election in mid-September, given the current circumstances, he noted.     

Al-Alaq stressed that the government does not want to deviate from the political blocs' general orientations regarding the issue of provincial councils' election. 

A lawmaker affiliated with al-Wataneya Coalition said on Tuesday that time is still not ripe for holding provincial councils' election.

Jamila al-Obaidi argued that the recaptured provinces, which once were under the control of ISIS terrorists, are not stable.

Most of the displaced persons have not returned home yet due to the lack of services in the devastated areas once ruled by ISIS, she noted.

According to the lawmaker, full liberation of Nineveh and settling the crisis of Kirkuk with the Kurds are key steps that should be taken before ushering in the election.

Last Modified: Wednesday، 07 June 2017 12:14 PM