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Arab, world outrage as Iran interferes in Qatar crisis

Qatar Prince

Iran's recent interference in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states' crisis with Qatar sparked Arab and international outrage.

Experts told the Baghdad Post that this interference will only deepen the crisis as Iran is one of the main reasons of this crisis.

As a result, Arab diplomats called for Supreme Leader of Iran Ayatollah Khamenei's regime to stay away from GCC's affairs and not to interfere in any Arab affairs.

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This crisis began as the head of the Agricultural Crops Exporters Association of Iran, Reza Nurani, said on Monday that Tehran is ready to export various agricultural crops and food commodities to Qatar via three ports in southern Iran.

In a press statement, the Iranian official said the move comes in response to the sanctions imposed by Gulf countries on Qatar, including an embargo on exporting food products to Doha.

Terrorism sponsors preach

Through his twitter account, Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs Javad Zarif said that neighbors are permanent; geography can't be changed. Coercion is never the solution. Dialogue is imperative, especially during the holy month of  Ramadan.

Neighbors are permanent; geography can't be changed. Coercion is never the solution. Dialog is imperative, especially during blessed Ramadan

— Javad Zarif (@JZarif) June 5, 2017

Settling differences with the region's countries is possible, only throughout political discussion, isolating countries is not acceptable, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassimi also said.

Internationally wanted terrorist, leader of Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Quds Force Qassem Soleimani also expressed his concerns from the ramifications of this crisis as he claimed that these tensions threaten the region's stability.

Analysts told the Baghdad Post that these announcements are part of Iran's expansionist policy that threatens the whole region.

They also urged to heed the calls for compromise from both Turkey and Kuwait as Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has spoken by phone with the leaders of Qatar, Russia, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia on lowering tension, presidential sources said, after Arab powers cut ties with Qatar.

"The importance of regional peace and stability was underlined in the talks, as well as the importance of focusing on the path of diplomacy and dialogue to lower the current tension," the sources said in a statement.

Turkey has good relations with Qatar as well as several of its Gulf Arab neighbors and Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus told reporters after a cabinet meeting on Monday that Ankara wanted to help resolve the dispute.

After the talks between Erdogan and Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Kremlin said late on Monday they called for dialogue and compromise.

Erdogan also spoke with Saudi Arabia's King Salman Bin Abdel Aziz and the emirs of Qatar and Kuwait. 

The sources said Erdogan would continue his contacts on the issue.

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