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Rift deepens within Da'wa Party as Maliki hits out at Abadi

Da'wa Party
Remarks of vice president Nouri al-Maliki, who has close ties to Iran, that Abadi government is weak in the face of what he called 'Turkish expansionism'.

Experts say these remarks forebode rifts that may hit the two poles of Da'wa Party.

The recent accusations and criticism leveled at Abadi signals the deepening rifts between the two poles of the party, former leader within the party Ghaleb al-Shabander, said.

He added these tensions may develop into war of words that could affect the Iraqi street.

The man of the street should stay away from the war of words among politicians, Shabander stated, noting that the parliamentary election is still far from now.

I see no justification for fomenting political standoff fuelled by the support of certain regional countries that seek to undermine Iraq's stability.

In televised interview, al-Maliki, who heads the Da'wa party, accused his successor Abadi of being half-hearted in the face of Turkish expansionism.