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Iran's aid to Hamas signals new activities out of Palestine

Resumption of Iranian support for Hamas
Mullah's regime intends to restore financial assistance to Hamas group within resuming their cooperation that had been ratcheted up since the outbreak of the Syrian crisis in 2011, Palestinian sources told The Baghdad Post on Wednesday.

This comes as Hamas top officials have met with representative of Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) in Lebanon in order to seek the resumption of Iranian financial assistance to Hamas, sources added. 

Ismail Haniyeh, Hamas political bureau chief, is expected to visit Tehran soon to build brides and come through the old disputes caused by Hezbollah's intervention in Syria to support Shiite president Bashar al Assad against Sunni rebels, sources further added, reiterating that Hamas will play an important role outside Palestine in the coming period. 

Hamas role in Iran's new agenda in region

Last week, IRGC commander Qassem Soleimani congratulated Ismail Haniyeh on his nomination as Hamas new leader. 

Many analysts also consider that the move proves how the Palestinian movement is closely linked with the terrorist regime in Tehran, noting that it indicates Iran's intention to include Hamas to its militias in the region.

From now on Hamas won't be able to play its role in the Palestinian cause as the final decision will be to Iran, experts said.

Soleimani only pays for 'transnational militias' similar to Hezbollah and IMIS (Iranian Militias in Iraq and Syria), to play destructive roles home and abroad.

Experts also said Soleimani will ensure that Hamas sends its elements to Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon or anywhere else according to Iranian agenda.
Last Modified: Wednesday، 31 May 2017 03:57 PM