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Mullah's genocide against Sunnis in Mosul exposed

Iran seeks to wipe out Sunni Iraqis

As crimes against Sunni civilians in Baghdad, Babel, Anbar, Salahuddin, Kirkuk and Mosul increase, Iran's schemes of devising systematic demographic genocide gets exposed.

Federal Police commander Gen. Raed Shakir Jawdat appeared recently in a video bragging about how his forces have decimated Mosul and turned it into rubble by rockets and artillery.

Human rights violations and genocide have been recorded in Iraq, leaving no doubt that Iran's henchmen in Iraq are committing ethnic cleansing against Sunni Muslims.

International, local human rights organizations reported numerous times about these crimes, but international community has turned a blind eye to them.

Human Rights Watch reported that governmental militias have detained Sunni men and tortured most of them during interrogations.

The torturers depicted in these recent videos seem to borrow from their grotesque predecessors.

As officers hang by their arms one of two brothers alleged to support ISIS, then tearing out both their beards, putting a knife to their ears, and shocking them with live wires.

The videos show officers beating shackled detainees hanging from a ceiling, while the officers joke and jostle among themselves and casually record their atrocities. We also see soldiers summarily executing handcuffed detainees as “revenge,” like so many post-Saddam Iraqi forces fighting armed groups. And taking a page from ISIS itself, Iraqi officers bizarrely force one detainee to recite the pledge of fealty to the ISIS leader before reportedly murdering the detainee.

shameless soldiers

In all these incidents, the Iraqi soldiers show little shame or fear in their vile actions, which they appear to relish recording and sharing on cellphones.

These videos are not the only evidence of serious abuses by Iraqi security forces in their battle against ISIS. Human Rights Watch has documented a wide variety of serious human rights violations.

It also documented summary executions of suspected ISIS fighters, detention in inhumane conditions, and collective punishment against family members of ISIS fighters, including home demolitions and forced deportations.

It documented the arbitrary detention of over a thousand Sunnis displaced from the fighting in ISIS-held areas.

There is virtually no information about ISIS fighter casualties or captures: we don’t know how many have been killed and how many have been detained.

The government’s legitimacy will ultimately rest on its demonstrated respect for the rule of law, an end to discrimination and attacks against the Sunni community, and accountability for the atrocities carried out by its security forces like those depicted in these videos.

Abusing civilians, destroying city

Government abuses against Sunnis were a major factor behind the start of the civil war in 2014 and the government will risk losing the peace if it fails to rein in its security forces now.

Iraqi journalist Zyaad al-Senjary revealed that Iranian Militias in Iraq and Syria's (IMIS) actions in Nineveh governorate are not individual actions, but blackmailing and unlawful detentions are systematic.

Iraqi Vice President Osama al-Nujaifi also accused the Iraqi forces of destroying Mosul's infrastructure, which furthered the human crisis in the city.

He also accused them of killing scores of civilians and demolishing many houses and homes.

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