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Iran's Khameni schemes to occupy Middle East via Syria exposed

IRGC militants in Syria

The goals of the Mullah's regime in Syria weren't ever to support Bashar al-Assad, combating ISIS, Nusra Front, al-Qaeda or other groups, but to occupy Syria and use it as a platform to invade other countries.

To do so, Khamenei pushed over 2000 elite troops from Iranian army, IRGC and financially supported Assad's regime by over 30 billion dollars in the past five years.

This occupation aims to change the course of a land corridor that it carved to the Mediterranean coast. The new corridor has been moved 140 miles south to avoid a buildup of US forces that has been assembled to fight ISIS.

Occupying Syria

This comes at the expense of the Syrian people as head of the opposition’s High Negotiation’s Committee (HNC) Nasr Hariri asserted in his memorandum to the UN envoy Staffan de Mistura on the “sabotaging role of Iran in Syria and the region.”

 He stressed that Iran’s intervention in Syria is illegal, and that Iran has deployed tens of thousands of mercenaries and terrorists from Lebanon and Iraq as well as sectarian militias to commit war crimes in Syria.

"Iran is committing many violations and massacres against our people. These crimes are mainly targeting civilians as a part of an expansionist, sectarian, nationalistic project to increase its influence not only in Syria but also in the entire region. Iran also uses a sectarian rhetoric that incites violence and sectarianism," Hariri said.

To achieve this Khamenei formed several military forces led by a group of hardliners to operate in Syria and control Assad's regime like Qassem Suleimani's Quds force and several others.

These forces mission haven't stopped at operating at the depth of Syria, but were spread to replace Syrian regime's Army.

Khamenei's systematic sectarian cleansing in Syria

In his memorandum, Hariri asserted that Iranian intervention in Syria came through spreading sectarianism, by long cruel sieges to opposition-held area like Homs, Aleppo and committed numerous sectarian cleansing operations in several cities like Al-Zabadani and Madaya.

These systematic sectarian cleansing processes to change Syrian demographic realities radicalize Sunni Arabs who can't stand idle in the face of sponsored Iranian Shiite terrorism.

Without radical Shiites, Sunni radicalism wouldn't have even existed, Iranian intervention in Syria is the main reason behind all terrorist incidents in the war torn country, according to Hariri.

He asserted that Syria is too important of an asset to Iran as it uses the country as a bridge to its Hezbollah proxy in Lebanon and Khamenei won't get out of Syria without international pressure after spending billions of dollars and hundreds of Iranian finest fighters.

This was even proven as Assad's regime approved to integrate Iranian forces into the Syrian Army on 6th of April.

Iranian expansionism must be stopped

As Iran directly controls Iraqi politics, rules Lebanon via Hezbollah that has recently become stronger than the Lebanese Army, occupies large swaths of Yemen via Houthi terrorists to gain a foothold and control the Middle East, international efforts must be put in motion to stop Iran from destabilizing the whole region.

Experts said that the HNC memorandum has exposed Iranian role in Syria and its schemes to conquer and occupy the Middle East, urge the international powers to punish the Mullah's regime and oust it from the region.

Last Modified: Wednesday، 24 May 2017 10:55 PM