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Video: Iran-allied Khazali threatens about IMIS future in Iraq

Leader of Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq Shiite militias, Qais Khazali announced Wednesday Iran-backed Militias in Iraq and Syria (IMIS) would have a wider role in the Iraqi political scene. 

according to a footage obtained by The Baghdad Post, Khazali threatened IMIS would stand for the upcoming parliamentary elections under a new political party. 

The video shows Khazali as confirming the Shiite militias would have a role in all fields in Iraq. 
Earlier this week, a war of words erupted between between Iraqi PM Haider Abadi and Khazali over the future role of IMIS.

Commenting on the atrocities committed by IMIS against Sunnis, Abadi said, "These gangs want to kidnap Iraq under the pretext of protecting the Shia creed".

He stressed his government would never allow IMIS to weaken the Iraqi government or society. 

"It's unreasonable to fight dictators to find ourselves at the end controlled by gangs," Abadi said. 

On his part, Khazali said he would not let IMIS be subjected to any institution.

"The sovergneity of IMIS will never be affected, all sides including Iraqi politicians have to understand this well," Khazali warned.