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Photos: Iraqi army dismantles booby-trapping laboratory in Mosul

Iraqi explosives experts

Iraqi Falcon Intelligence Cell's explosives experts have dismantled a laboratory for booby-trapping vehicles in 17 Tamouz neighborhood in Mosul's right bank, a security source told The Baghdad Post on Monday. 

The source, who preferred to remain anonymous, said that 10 vehicles, which have been prepared to be booby-trapped in the laboratory, have been discovered.

The laboratory has been dismantled and explosives inside it have been confiscated, the source noted. 

The source also hailed the efforts of bomb disposal engineering team in the Iraqi army, currently defusing explosive devises ISIS planted on the roads of 17 Tamouz neighborhood. 

Security forces, backed by International Coalition air raids and logistic support of the US army, have retaken eastern Mosul and half of its western part after six months of battles. These forces are focusing now on controlling the Old City.


It is estimated that there are a few of ISIS terrorists left in the second largest city of Iraq. It is expected that they will desperately defend the last pocket of the city that has been once their main stronghold in Iraq. 

Last Modified: Monday، 22 May 2017 04:46 PM