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Calls to hold conference for Iraqi neighboring countries in Baghdad

Calls to hold conference for Iraqi neighboring countries in Baghdad
Prominent Iraqi politicians proposed on Monday holding a conference for Iraqi neighboring countries to be held in Baghdad to urge them to coordinate with Iraq in its fight against terrorism. 

This comes after US President Donald Trump's participation in three summits held in Riyadh to forge a new US-Arab-Muslim alliance aiming at fighting ISIS and countering Iran’s influence in the region. 

Holding this conference in Iraq will pave the way for normalizing the situations and usher in a new stage in the country after expelling the terrorist group from all the Iraqi districts. 

Ammar al-Hakim, leader of the National Alliance, has invited Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey to hold a conference in Iraq that will represent a paradigm shift in the relations between Baghdad and neighboring countries, Mohamed Allkash, Citizen's parliamentary bloc MP, revealed.   

He stated that one of the targets of the conference is to counter terrorism, threatening all countries in the region.

Allkash also noted that the conference aims to examine economic challenges resulting from security problems.
He added that many countries in the Middle East and the world face an acute financial crisis, stressing that the conference will bear economic fruit that serves Baghdad and these countries' interests.

According to Citizen's parliamentary bloc MP, Iraq can benefit from this conference by drawing pledges from neighboring countries that they will take action against their citizens' enrollment in ISIS.
Last Modified: Monday، 22 May 2017 10:35 AM