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ISIS working on explosives that can be hidden in laptops

Mosul University

ISIS is believed to be working on a sophisticated new bomb that could be hidden in laptop computers and are capable of evading airport detectors, as reported by the Daily Mail on Friday.

The assessment was made following an examination of evidence left behind by ISIS fighters after they were overrun from their position at University of Mosul in northern Iraq this past January.

After Iraqi special forces recaptured the area from ISIS, it was learned that ISIS used the university and its equipment and labs to develop deadlier bombs.

The 'new generation' of explosives is believed to be more powerful and capable of evading detection with scanners typically used at airports, according to US officials.

ISIS bomb makers reportedly tested the new explosives by using the airport scanners that they took from the Mosul airport after the jihadist group overran the city in 2014.

After ISIS was routed by Iraqi troops in January, the group reportedly burned many of the buildings it left behind so as to conceal evidence.

But US officials said that ISIS fighters left behind enough evidence to give them pause.

Officials' belief that ISIS terrorists are developing more sophisticated explosives is apparently what motivated Western governments – led by the US – to seriously consider instituting a ban on laptops for all flights from Europe and the Middle East.

Talks on a proposed US ban on laptops and tablets on flights coming from Europe ended Wednesday with no ban - and a promise of more talks and better intelligence sharing.

On Wednesday, in a secure room in Brussels, officials from the US Department of Homeland Security and the European Union swapped information about threats involving air travel.

An official who followed the talks said the ban was 'off the table' for now. He spoke on condition of anonymity to release details of the sensitive negotiations.

Last Modified: Friday، 19 May 2017 03:56 PM