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ISIS to take new form of terrorism: US ambassador

Douglas Silliman
US ambassador to Iraq said on Wednesday ISIS terror group is expected to take another form of terrorism after being decisively defeated in Iraq.
In a press statement in the US embassy in Baghdad, Ambassador Douglas Silliman said, "After ISIS is eradicated, the terror group will reappear in a new form of terrorism, and this forces the Iraqi government to adopt a new security strategy".

Mr Silliman added that another three districts-Tal Afar, Huwaija and Haditha in western the Euphrates River will remain under ISIS grip after fully liberating Mosul. 

Since October, the Iraqi army in partnership with the US-led international coalition has launched an offensive to retake Mosul.
Mosul, Iraq's second largest city fell to ISIS in June 2014.

He confirmed the upcoming battles would not be as violent as the Mosul battle, but expected casualties from the Iraqi security forces would fall.

He added the Trump administration had launched 800 developmental projects in Iraq  to help reconstruct the country. 

The US is providing military support to the Iraqi army in its ongoing offensives against ISIS terrorists. 

The US support takes the form of training, providing military equipment and launching airstrikes against ISIS positions.