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IMIS forces civilians from home in villages near al-Qayrawan district

Civilians harshly tormented by IMIS in Mosul

IMIS terror militia has continued its blatant sectarian violations against civilians in Nineveh.

It adds to its criminal record the forcing of families in villages near the district of al-Qayrawan west of Mosul.

 IMIS terrorists have forced dozens of families in this area from home, leading them to Tal al-Sultan village south of al-Qayrawan district, a source told the Baghdad Post.

 Leader within IMIS Sami al-Masaudi declared Tuesday the militias stormed the village of Thari al-Karah near the district, he added.

The terror militia is on the loose in Qayrawan, and is committing atrocities against civilians on a daily basis, the source concluded.