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Basra is sliding into chaos: Lawmaker

Basra is on the brink
Iraqi lawmaker Farid al-Shalan said on Thursday that the security situation in Basra governorate is heading for more deterioration due to the tribal disputes and drug trafficking.

He said that armed gangs are controlling some border entrances in the governorate.

What is going on in Basra is worrying, given the governorate is a key trade outlet for Iraq, the lawmaker stated in a press release, indicating these gangs are controlling the entrances of Basra as if there is no government ruling the country.

Al-Shalan yet insisted that the governorate is sliding into chaos, and in case the prime minister, interior and defense minister take the due measures, things will spin out of control.

On Wednesday, Basra lawmaker Mazin al-Mazeni declared a petition signed by 124 lawmakers have been introduced inside parliament to bring ministers of defense, interior, Basra Operations Commander, and Basra Police commander before lawmakers to discuss the tribal disputes, drug trafficking and the uncontrolled border entrances.