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Trump administration deplores Iran intervention in Yemen - Official

Major Mohsen Khasrouf, chief of Yemen's Armed Forces of Moral Guidance Department, emphasized the importance of the upcoming visit of the US President Donald Trump to Saudi Arabia.

In statements on Wednesday, he added that this visit will help in getting rid of the malicious Iranian intervention in the region.

He pointed out that Trump administration is currently having a clear stance towards the Iranian intervention in Yemen and other Arab countries.

Khasrouf urged Washington to enhance coordination with Saudi-led coalition to get rid of Houthis in Yemen and install the legitimate government as well as restoring stability in the country especially to the state institutions including defense and security authorities.

The official added that it is important to amend the Yemeni constitution and implement a modern civil democratic federal state in Yemen that accomplishes justice to all Yemeni people.

He also condemns Iran over supporting the Houthis at the level of logistics and weapons.

Khasrouf pointed out to Iran's misuse of Yemeni coasts to impose its malicious purposes including smuggling arms.

Last Modified: Wednesday، 10 May 2017 05:05 PM