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Dr. Vanessa Neumann

Dr. Vanessa Neumann is Venezuelan President Juan Guaidó’s appointed ambassador and chief of diplomatic mission to the United Kingdom. She is also the president of the British-Venezuelan Society and Chamber of Commerce, which is partnered with UK Trade & Investment’s Oil & Gas Team for the Americas, as well as the Caracas-based British-Venezuelan Chamber of Commerce. Prior to her diplomatic appointment, Dr. Neumann was a long-standing expert on crime-terror pipelines, the founder and CEO of Asymmetrica, and the author of Blood Profits: How American Consumers Unwittingly Fund Terrorists.

11 May 2019 09:11 PM

How Hezbollah evades sanctions in Venezuela, partakes in drug trade

The US sanctions on Venezuela have had a secondary effect on Hezbollah’s finances, impacting the salaries of their fighters in Syria and degrading their military and terrorist capabilities.