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Zvi Mazel

Zvi Mazel, born in Israel in 1939, is a graduate in Political Science and International Relations of the Institute of Political Science, University of Paris – 1966. Former diplomat in the Israeli ministry for Foreign Affairs 1966 – 2004. Served in various functions among them Deputy Director General in charge of African Affairs, Director of East Europe division, Director of Egypt and North Africa division in the research center of the Ministry. Was ambassador of Israel in Romania, Egypt, and Sweden. Retired in 2004 he monitors Arab Affairs. Since 2006 fellow of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs – a think tank specializing in Security and Foreign Affairs of Israel and publishes a weekly column. Was the Center's editor of its website in Arabic. Mazel is a regular contributor to the JPost.

07 April 2019 01:06 AM

A poorly attended Arab League Summit in Tunis with no concrete results

US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Israeli sovereignty on the Golan, published a scant few days before the summit, shows what little regard he has for meeting Arab heads of state.