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Chris Doyle

Chris Doyle is director of the London-based Council for Arab-British Understanding (CAABU). He has worked with the council since 1993 after graduating with a first class honors degree in Arabic and Islamic Studies at Exeter University.

29 October 2019 03:36 PM

ISIS leader’s death changes nothing

Donald Trump’s announcement that the ISIS leader was dead followed the same routine that his predecessor had followed in 2011 with the killing

14 August 2019 03:50 PM

The troubling question of Turkey’s next move in Syria

What will Turkey do next? This is the question every party in Syria is pondering as they try to peer into the inner workings of Erdogan’s mind.

30 January 2019 10:36 AM

World powers must start taking steps toward nuclear disarmament

Two minutes to midnight. The Doomsday Clock remains stuck at its all-time “high,” stressing the acute dangers to the planet of nuclear Armageddon and climate change.

26 December 2018 08:08 AM

Winners and losers in Trump’s Syrian debacle

Daesh may not be in the market for early Christmas presents but the out-of-the-blue decision of President Donald Trump to withdraw US forces from Syria is a gift unlikely to be turned down.