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Camelia Entekhabifard

Camelia Entekhabifard is an Iranian-American journalist, political commentator and author of Camelia: Save Yourself By Telling the Truth (Seven Stories Press, 2008). Twitter: @CameliaFard

08 May 2019 03:00 PM

Can Trump get Iranian leaders to the negotiating table?

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif was in New York late last month and he made an offer to the US government with a proposal to talk about prisoner exchanges or hostage releases.

28 April 2019 02:08 PM

Iran’s human bargaining chips

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has offered a prisoner swap, using the fate of hostages in Iran as a bargaining chip in negotiations with the US.

31 March 2019 11:32 AM

Iranians are drowning but it is not the floods that are to blame

Despite all the economical hardship reported in Iran due to the implementation of US Sanctions, Nowrouz — the Iranian New Year, which fell on March 21 — promised the prospect at least of a happy national celebration to makes people feel better about the future.

18 March 2019 10:46 AM

Iranians’ economic woes dampen Nowruz celebrations

Iranians famously say that the New Year would not reach their door if they did not clean their homes before spring’s arrival.

10 March 2019 11:27 PM

The winds of change are blowing Iran further toward the hardliners

There is a lot happening in Iran as the Supreme Leader shakes things up politically. While Iranians continue to protest about unpaid salaries and long queues for food, Ayatollah Khamenei is busy making preparations.

03 March 2019 10:40 AM

US must not sacrifice the Afghan people in a rush to ‘reform’ the Taliban

Until recently, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, was on a blacklist of terrorists compiled by the United States.

24 February 2019 12:09 PM

Iran’s misguided call for brotherly ties

Hassan Rouhani, Iran’s president, has called for brotherly relations with regional countries.

17 February 2019 01:43 PM

World’s Valentine’s Day message to Iran

The Warsaw Conference ended last Thursday — Valentine’s Day — with a message to Iran from 60 countries, all urging Tehran to change its regional behavior.

10 February 2019 01:10 PM

Afghans don’t want to be another Iran

President Donald Trump decision in December to withdraw about half the remaining US troops in Afghanistan shocked many people in the country.

03 February 2019 10:30 AM

Iran’s ‘special-purpose vehicle’ turns out to have no engine

Europe has shown good faith toward Tehran since the US pulled out of the 2015 nuclear deal last May, and promised to launch a financial mechanism to enable Iran to counter President Donald Trump’s sanctions.

20 January 2019 01:28 PM

What next for Iran as the US continues to pile on the pressure?

Iran has faced a great deal of political pressure over the past 40 years, but the economic effects of the sanctions recently imposed by US President Donald Trump are the harshest and the most effective to date.

12 January 2019 09:40 AM

US focus on confronting Iran should reassure allies

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s speech on Thursday in Cairo about America’s Middle East policy reminded many of former US President Barack Obama’s speech delivered 10 years ago from the same city.

30 December 2018 07:14 AM

A year Iran will not quickly forget

The year that is now drawing to a close was full of surprises for ordinary Iranians, and for the regime that rules over them.

23 December 2018 08:56 AM

As the US quits, will Iran be next?

It would be an understatement to say that President Trump’s withdrawal of the remaining US troops from Syria came as a surprise, both to American politicians and to people in the region.

16 December 2018 09:13 AM

End of the line for Iran’s hypocrites

For several years after the 1979 revolution, Iranians were visually indistinguishable from one another; everyone looked and dressed more or less the same.

25 November 2018 09:42 AM

Baghdad has a difficult choice to make

Barham Salih, the newly elected president of Iraq, paid his first visit to Tehran last week. Iran has acted as a major ally of Iraq since Saddam Hussein was overthrown by the US in 2003.

18 November 2018 10:20 AM

Discontent over sanctions in Iran will threaten leaders’ legitimacy

Donald Trump had often said that the “Iran deal was a bad deal,” but when he became president of the United States, he didn’t withdraw from it immediately.

11 November 2018 11:57 AM

Iranians pray for a normal country

With the reintroduction last week of US sanctions on Iran’s oil trade, there were fears that the price of oil would soar.