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Baria Alamuddin

Baria Alamuddin is an award-winning journalist and broadcaster in the Middle East and the UK. She is editor of the Media Services Syndicate and has interviewed numerous heads of state.

26 August 2019 06:49 AM

Mafia militias in Iraq reopen Pandora’s Box

The new Iraq war is already underway. For several weeks Israel has bombed sites under the control of Iran-backed Shiite militants. Paramilitaries in turn have attacked US diplomatic and military targets, and regional oil infrastructure.

19 August 2019 10:07 AM

Iran thrusts Iraq into the line of fire

For the first time since a 1981 airstrike destroyed Saddam Hussein’s clandestine nuclear capabilities, Iraqis find themselves under attack from Israel.

22 July 2019 12:19 PM

Syria’s returnees out of the frying pan into the fire

Lebanon doesn’t have a particularly good record for the sympathetic treatment of refugees.

15 July 2019 03:25 PM

Iran only a threat if the world allows it to be

Iranian Army Brig. Gen. Alireza Fard said this month: “Our deterrence and secret weapons have stopped the filthy enemy 200 miles away in the Strait of Hormuz.”

08 July 2019 02:19 PM

Iran’s proxies defy Iraqi PM’s anti-militia decree

Combatants must stay out of politics.

25 June 2019 12:26 AM

Iran’s high-stakes game of chicken

Barack Obama’s 2013 failure to police his own red lines following the gruesome murder of about 1,400 civilians with chemical weapons is widely perceived as the moment when the course of the Syrian conflict altered irretrievably, an article wrote in the Arab News read.

16 June 2019 04:46 PM

Iran threatened to block Hormuz. Will we now take it seriously?

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei in Tehran on June 13, hoping to ease tensions between Iran and the US. When Abe offered to convey an Iranian reply to a message from President Trump, Khamenei declined.

15 June 2019 03:02 PM

Iran threatened to block Hormuz. Will we now take it seriously?

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei in Tehran on June 13, hoping to ease tensions between Iran and the US.

10 June 2019 12:41 PM

ISIS demonic second coming stronger than ever before?

Allow me to make a bold prediction: Within a few years, not only will ISIS return to prominence, but it will become exponentially more vigorous and difficult to defeat.

03 June 2019 08:26 PM

Rewarding Iran’s hostage-taking puts others at risk

An extraordinary dispute broke into the public domain last week. The UK’s Foreign Office has long prioritized the case of detained British-Iranian dual national Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, since then-Foreign Secretary (and current prime ministerial candidate, God help us) Boris Johnson made some ill-informed comments that provided Tehran with a pretext for increasing her unjustifiable sentence. It was revealed that the Foreign Office has been quietly lobbying the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to release £400 million ($505 million) paid by the former shah of Iran for a tank sale that was cut short by the 1979 revolution.

12 May 2019 09:23 PM

Why transition in Iran requires a global effort

Given Bolton’s ultra-hawkish reputation, observers speculate that he and like-minded hardliners could trigger momentum toward a confrontation, even if Donald Trump apparently wants to avoid this.

29 April 2019 01:19 PM

International unity a must if Iran is to change course

People often express bemusement to me about why Iran behaves the way it does: The embroilment in terrorism and militancy, past attempts to build a nuclear bomb, the way it treats its own people, and so on.

10 April 2019 12:17 PM

Why Iraq is likely to favor Arab world over Iran

Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi visited Tehran along with a political and economic delegation at the weekend. He had been invited by Hassan Rouhani when he visited Iraq last month for the first time since becoming the Iranian president.

10 April 2019 12:14 PM

IRGC’s terrorist designation an overdue recognition of reality

I am not alone in having argued for a long time that the US and the world should take the bold step of designating the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organization.

31 March 2019 10:56 PM

Iranian proxies turn to crime to dodge sanctions

​US forces still have not departed from eastern Syria, yet Tehran is already rushing to fill the void. Iranian agents have been offering cash, food, ID cards, public services and free education to war-weary Syrians, particularly in localities near the Iraq-Syria border like Al-Bukamal.

25 February 2019 03:12 PM

Militancy and criminality are Iran regime’s principal threats

It is bitterly ironic that a leadership rooting its legitimacy in quasi-religious principles governs one of the most corrupt nations in the world, deliberately infecting the entire Middle East with its criminality.

18 February 2019 01:01 PM

Islamic Republic a dead man walking

​Iran at 40 years old doesn’t have much to celebrate. Last week’s anniversary was a reminder of four decades of regional and global terrorism, and four decades of terrorism against long-suffering citizens whose birthright wealth is corruptly devoured and squandered on overseas aggression.

04 February 2019 09:56 AM

US troops in Iraq menaced by monster they helped create

In his 2019 Worldwide Threat Assessment, US Director of National intelligence Dan Coats came to the blunt conclusion that: “In Iraq, Iran-supported Popular Mobilization Committee-affiliated Shiite militias remain the primary threat to US personnel.”