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Matthew RJ Brodsky

Matthew RJ Brodsky is a senior fellow at the Security Studies Group in Washington, D.C., a senior Middle East Analyst at Wikistrat, and a former director of policy at the Jewish Policy Center.

18 December 2018 11:41 AM

Are Iran and Hezbollah digging toward war with Israel?

Israel’s Operation Northern Shield, which recently exposed Hezbollah’s cross-border attack tunnels, has prompted the perennial question: Are Israel and Hezbollah about to go to war in Lebanon?

22 May 2018 12:23 AM

Russia Is Reaping the Benefits of Israel's Actions in Syria

Russian president Vladimir Putin further cemented his position atop the Syrian power pyramid as a result of Israel’s massive air campaign that targeted Iran’s positions and Assad’s air defenses. Dubbed by Israeli military planners as “Operation House of Cards,” it was the most extensive aerial assault by the Israeli Air Force (IAF) in Syria since October 1973. Whether Jerusalem’s impressive military success translates into a political triumph will be determined by how Tehran responds going forward, but there is little doubt Iran suffered a major setback in a week already full of monumental disappointments. In the meantime, Putin’s strategic position in the Middle East has been enhanced and all he had to do was say, “Yes,” to Israeli prime minister Bibi Netanyahu.

09 May 2018 09:31 AM

Can Trump now build a better Iran deal for everyone?

President Trump kept his promise and began the process to extricate the U.S. from the inherently flawed nuclear agreement with Iran known as the JCPOA. Before doing so, his administration embarked on a months-long process led by the National Security Council to arrive at an understanding with Europe that would at least plug the substantial holes in the accord.