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Dr. Theodore Karasik

Dr. Theodore Karasik is a senior adviser to Gulf State Analytics in Washington, D.C. He is a former RAND Corporation Senior Political Scientist who lived in the UAE for 10 years, focusing on security issues.

07 July 2019 01:48 AM

White House pressure extended to Iran’s foundations

The “maximum pressure” campaign is in its next phase. Full stop.

17 May 2019 01:27 PM

Drone technology driving Iran’s asymmetric warfare

The Iranian-supplied drone attacks carried out by the Houthis on Saudi energy infrastructure on Tuesday are an immediate concern for all supporters.

12 May 2019 09:10 AM

Why knowing Iran’s asymmetric capabilities matters

Anxiety has risen in recent days over what exactly the US will do next with Iran, given a Pentagon threat assessment that warned of pending attacks. Regarding Tehran and its proxies’ military capabilities.

28 March 2019 10:30 AM

ISIS' deadly essence must be denied chance to thrive

With ISIS declared defunct as an organized terrorist force in northeast Syria, the essence of the group’s use of extremist ideology has, in reality, left the Levant to spread more mayhem.

07 March 2019 03:11 PM

Algeria, Sudan and the next wave of change in the Arab world

Within the geopolitical framework of North Africa, Algeria and Sudan are undergoing profound and irreversible change.

24 January 2019 12:00 PM

Iran conference a crucial test for Poland

The Trump administration’s international summit for security and stability in the Middle East, which is due to be held in Warsaw, Poland, next month is making waves. For Warsaw, the US announcement is filled with implications for its position in the Middle East, as well as its role in Europe.

29 December 2018 08:14 AM

Arab investors should be cautious of the Croatia-Russia nexus

Arab investment spans far and wide. Recent reports suggest investors from the region are looking as far afield as the Balkans for new opportunities.

13 December 2018 09:14 AM

Macron’s domestic crisis comes at bad time for France

The yellow vest or “gilet jaune” is symbolic following weeks of widespread protests in France, with thousands taking to the streets while wearing the vests to protest fuel price hikes and low wages.

14 November 2018 09:34 PM

Plans for an ‘Arab NATO’ gathering momentum

With Arab nations’ militaries working more closely together than ever before and the political situation ripe, speculation abounds that we will witness the birth of the so-called “Arab NATO” this month.

03 November 2018 01:19 PM

Sanctions on Iran may be tricky to enforce

America’s second stage sanctions will come into effect on Monday, prohibiting transactions with Iran’s ports and shipping companies; the purchase of petroleum and petrochemical products from Iran.

07 April 2018 09:43 PM

Cuba a key player in global campaign against Iran

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir this week visited Cuba for two days. His visit should not come as a surprise, as Riyadh’s policy toward Havana and the wider Caribbean Basin has followed a new line of thinking.