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Ilan Berman

• Ilan Berman is senior vice president at the American Foreign Policy Council in Washington, D.C.

10 June 2019 01:43 PM

Dreaming of a deal with Russia over Iran

During its first half-year in office, the Trump administration actively flirted with the idea that it might be possible, under the proper conditions, to “flip” the government of Russian President Vladimir Putin and get it to support American attempts to pressure Tehran.

28 March 2018 07:51 PM

Trump’s new message to Iran

In the fevered speculation now taking place over whether the Trump administration will truly “nix” the 2015 Iran nuclear deal when it comes up for renewal later this spring, another, equally seismic shift in U.S. policy toward the Islamic republic has gone largely unnoticed. On March 20, America formally reclaimed its historic role as a champion of the Iranian people.