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Subhan Shahid

An educated journalist with a thirst for truth and a lust for facts. A tech wiz who loves gadgets and gaming. A cool guy that has a wonderful work ethic and a passion for ingenuity. Subhan Shahid joined the Herald Report as a columnist in 2017. He was a professional blogger for more than 7 years before becoming a part of Herald Report where he now covers Politics with a focus on domestic and international policy. As a veteran political correspondent, he provided coverage for Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign, major changes in the Gulf region and the escalating North Korea crisis. Before joining Herald Report, Subhan spent years writing about emerging technologies, state politics, international trading, and local communities. Subhan is a Bachelors Graduate with a degree in Computer Sciences and a Minor in Political science.

25 February 2018 06:45 PM

Who is behind the absurd propaganda against Saudi Arabia?

Over the years it has become accepted to pour so much hate on a country that has done so much for poor nations around the globe. There have been some shy attempts to expose this massive propaganda machine in the past such as this article by “5Pillars” but usually just go completely unnoticed.