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Yochanan Visser

Yochanan Visser is a freelance journalist and director of Missing Peace Information, an independent news agency. He wrote a book about the cognitive war against Israel in the Dutch language.

02 July 2019 12:29 AM

Israeli action in Syria part of escalating war with Iran

On Sunday night, the Israeli air force (IAF) carried out one of its largest missions against Iran- and Hezbollah-related targets in Syria to date.

03 December 2018 09:40 AM

Iran deepens entrenchment in Iraq

Iraq seems powerless to stop Iran's interference and the US is doing nothing to stop it. Has the battle been lost?

28 November 2018 01:55 PM

Iran and Israel preparing for multi-front war

Iranian leaders stepped up their war of words against Israel and the United States over the weekend while new information shows both the Israel Defense Forces and the Islamic Republic are actively preparing for a multi-front war in Israel.

19 November 2017 02:48 PM

Following the Defeat of ISIS, Syria Now on the Verge of a Much Larger Conflict

As the Iran- and Russia-backed pro-Assad coalition is fighting ISIS group in its last Syrian stronghold — Al-Bukamal, on the border with Iraq — the contours of a new major conflict in the devastated country are emerging.