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Mustafa Saadoun

Mustafa Saadoun is an Iraqi journalist covering human rights and also the founder and director of the Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights. He formerly worked as a reporter for the Iraqi Council of Representatives.

06 June 2019 01:31 PM

Iraqi parties lack democracy and transparency

Former Sadrist block parliament member Awad al-Awadi has been standing since May 16 outside the residence of Muqtada al-Sadr in al-Hananah district of Najaf. Awadi’s sit-in, which he staged in a bid to meet the head of the Sadrist movement, comes two days after dozens of Sadr followers protested near his home in Hella city, accusing Awadi of corruption.

02 November 2017 11:02 PM

Will Iraqi-Saudi rapprochement undermine Iran’s role in Iraq ?

Iraqi-Saudi relations have witnessed significant improvement after years of boycott that had worsened during Nouri al-Maliki’s rule between 2006 and 2014. On Oct. 22, the establishment of a Coordination Council between the two countries was announced.